Internal Defense

Internal defense initiatives that empower the community to become more aware of their community, wellness, and responsibilities.



Facilitating police presence in our community as a crime preemptive measure and safety control.


Crisis Response

Answering the public at their worst time of need by providing security, assistance, and making police services available to them.


Criminal Investigation

Utilizing specialized personnel, knowledge, and technology for the discovery and investigation of crime and execution of justice.


Crime Eradication

Extermination of criminal activities and disturbances by carrying out arrests, citations, and issuing verbal warnings in efforts to improve our resident's quality of life.


Traffic Safety

Enforcing vehicle code and educating motorists to improve driving behavior and enhancing road safety.


A Message From The Chief

Chief Millsap
Welcome to our website. My name is Matt Millsaps and I am the Chief of Police & Public Safety in West York Borough. For over 20 years I have worked exclusively with small, highly specialized units tasked with finding unconventional solutions to complex problems. Within the ranks of the men and women of the WYBPD I have have never seen another group more capable of achieving such goals.

Our vision of policing is this: We are the Guardians of our community, and it is our job to, above all, protect & empower those that we have been entrusted to serve. Our philosophy is simple : First you have a vision, and then you make it happen! Therefore, we have created a model of policing that combines:
  • An unrelenting vigilance to our agency's stated vision
  • Mastery of our defined Law enforcement mission sets
  • A steadfast commitment to our department's core values
By carefully balancing our responsibilities, roles and strategies to solve problems and maintain a community driven focus, it is our intent to to provide highly professional police services to the West York neighborhoods, while working by, with and through our resident population and visitors to collectively, hand in hand, enhance the quality of life of all. Put simply, we want you to know that you can count on us, we want you to be safe, and we want to grow together with you.
- Chief Matthew Millsaps, WYBPD