help_outline What should I do if I see a crime occurring?

  • Call 911 immediately and do not approach actors
  • Give the dispatcher the address or landmarks
  • Be observant and take mental notes
  • Give a description of the actors (race/sex/heigh/weight/clothing)
  • Give a description of any vehicles involved
  • If the actors leave, give a direction of travel

help_outline What should I do if I get pulled over?

  • Pull over to a safe spot off of the roadway, as soon as possible
  • If at night time, turn on your interior lights
  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel and do not reach around your vehicle
  • Retrieve your license, registration and insurance card when requested by an Officer

help_outline Who/Where is your District Magisterial Judge's Office?

The Magisterial District Judge for West York is Judge Jennifer J.P. Clancy. Her office is located at 1410 Sixth Ave. in York.

help_outline Who do I contact for other Borough business (non-police related)

The Borough Office is located at 1381 W. Poplar Street York PA 17404 and the telephone number is 717-846-8889.

help_outline Can I get fingerprinted for employment?

Sorry, but we currently do not offer employment fingerprinting.

help_outline How do I find out if I have a warrant?

Contact Central Booking at 717-771-9955. If you have a warrant you may turn yourself in to the Sheriff's Office at 45 N. George St. in York.

help_outline A family member got arrested, now what?

Your family member will either be released or taken to Central Booking, depending on the circumstances. If they're taken to Central Booking, they may be able to make a phone call. Please do not call our station for them.

help_outline How do I pay a parking ticket?

Drop it off to the Borough Office during business hours, or put it in an envelope with a check or money order and drop it off in the drop box out front of the Borough Office or mail it to the Borough Office at 1700 W. Philadelphia St.; York, Pa 17404. Never put cash in the mail or in the drop box.

help_outline How do I get a meter permit for my vehicle?

Bring your vehicle registration with your current address to the Borough Office and pay a fee of $75.00 (pro-rated throughout the year). Place your meter permit on the rear left side bumper.

help_outline How do I get a special event permit for my vehicle?

Prior to and during the York Fair, Special Event parking passes may be obtained through the Borough Office and are free to residents who show your registration card with proof of residency within the Special Event zone. Tape the permit to the inside of your rear window, on the left side so it is viewable by our officers.

help_outline How do I obtain an accident report?

We will supply insurance companies with PENNDOT Reportable Accident Reports. If you are involved in an accident, make a claim with your insurance company and have them request the report with a $15.00 fee.

help_outline How can I get a Bulldog Police Shoulder patch?

We have Officers that will trade patches with other Police Officers. Send your request on departmental letterhead with your patch and a return 5x7 envelope to our station to the attention of PATCH EXCHANGE. These request are subject to availability. We will make every effort to send our patch, however it is not guaranteed!