To act as Guardians for our community, we must ensure that we are present and prepared to carry out our vision. After a careful evaluation of the needs of the Borough, we have identified certain missions that must be equally shared to ensure that Borough residents and visitors receive the best protection and guidance from our officers. Every Police Officer in the Borough is responsible for becoming an expert in carrying out our six (6) defined missions:

Internal Defense

Perhaps our highest calling is that of building the internal defense of our community. This is something we do in partnership with the people, as by working together, we will achieve more. Working with the community, our goal is to build safety & security into the lives of each resident. By taking a global approach to ensuring the safety, health, responsibility, and protection of our population, our job will be easy…our community will be safer. We wish to use our neighbors as "force multipliers".

Our eyes & ears who work with us to counter the insurgency of crime in our streets. Our work starts with our children; and many of our programs reflect this. The loss of a child is the loss of infinite possibility, and if you educate a child, you educate a family. If you educate a family, you educate a neighborhood. If you educate a neighborhood, you educate the community; and you can’t enslave an educated population.

Internal Defense initiatives are anything that support the goal of community empowerment. It encourages them, put bluntly, to be better people. To be educated, well, and responsible. Internal Defense operations also include programs helping them to recognize & deter crime.