To act as Guardians for our community, we must ensure that we are present and prepared to carry out our vision. After a careful evaluation of the needs of the Borough, we have identified certain missions that must be equally shared to ensure that Borough residents and visitors receive the best protection and guidance from our officers. Every Police Officer in the Borough is responsible for becoming an expert in carrying out our six (6) defined missions:

Criminal Investigation

Crime will occur, despite our efforts. When it does, we are charged with conducting thorough, fair, and impartial investigations which will identify perpetrators & ultimately lead to successful prosecution. Criminal Investigation begins with the discovery of a crime, and patrol should be armed with the necessary knowledge to investigate offenses.

Ultimately, however, we as an agency need to dedicate specialized men with specialized knowledge, skills, & abilities to negotiate complex case inquiries and bring violent offenders to justice, while partnering and liaising with the DA’s office for vertical prosecution. These men should be readily available to respond to provide support for the initial officers.