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1/6/2013 - 9:05:00 PM

1/5/13 @ 9:05 P.M. - WYBPD patrolman performed a traffic stop on a blue Chevrolet Aveo bearing Maryland registration after an equipment violation was observed within the 1300 block of W. Market St.  The operator was identified as Elijah PORCHER, 22 Y.O.A., B/M residing on S. Vernon St., York City.   A passenger , identified later as Jordan LIGGINS, 20 Y.O.A., B/M, residing on E. Jackson St., York City, was observed to be unconscious in the front passenger seat of this vehicle.  It took several minutes of effort by PORCHER to wake LIGGINS to ensure that he was okay.   Narcotic paraphernalia, belonging to PORCHER, was observed and seized during this traffic stop.   It was determined that LIGGINS, being under the age of 21, was also highly intoxicated and under the influence of alcohol.
PORCHER was criminally charged for being in possession of narcotic paraphernalia and LIGGINS was charged for being under the influence of alcohol while being a minor and released into to care and custody of a sober adult family member.